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Build Install Utxcpp - Utxcpp Official Docs


Build Toolchain Requirements

B2 Build

To build and install utxcpp, you need to install b2 build toolchain:

Install B2 Build Toolchain

Boost Doc Toolchain

To build utxcpp docs, you need to install boost doc toolchain (including boostbook and quickbook):

Install Boost Doc Toolchain

c++ compilers and operating systems Requirements

Utxcpp can be built and installed on Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, this doc can be applied to all of those operating systems.

However, it is well tested on these c++ compilers:

c++ language standard Requirements

Build and Install Utxcpp

To build and install utxcpp, you need a modern c++ compiler, and b2 build.

Get utxcpp source code

Get utxcpp source code.


$ cd utxcpp
$ b2 help		# Show project help, provided by utxcpp.
$ b2 --help		# Show b2 program help, provided by b2 build.
$ b2 config --prefix=/sand		# config, this is not build.

Minimized Build Utxcpp Tests

$ b2 -q -j7		# Start build.

The default build will choose minimized build, which can be applied to all supported compilers on all operating systems listed in the beginning of this doc.

Full Build Utxcpp Tests

$ b2 -q -j7 all

Full build is done by target all, which is only applied to specific compiler on specific operating system, that it is useful for utxcpp library developer(s), and the utxcpp library users do not have to care it.

[Note] Note

Please note that when I said the utxcpp library users, I did not mean the library users are rabble. Just they do not need to full build utxcpp tests really, which can save lots of time and avoid unrelated verifications. The library developer(s) treat themself as library users sometimes, because they need it. In that case I wrote library for myself, then I use my library, so I am library user now.

Install Utxcpp

$ su
# b2 install

Build Utxcpp Docs

To build utxcpp docs, you need b2 build and boost doc toolchain, including boostbook and quickbook.

Utxcpp docs are written with boost quickbook, they are lots of qbk files.

$ b2 -q -j7

The html docs will be generated to <UTXCPP-SOURCE-ROOT>/docs/html/ from qbk files .

See Also

Install B2 Build Toolchain

Install Boost Doc Toolchain

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