Nirtcpp 2.0.0
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nirt::core::dimension2d< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for nirt::core::dimension2d< T >, including all inherited members.

dimension2d()nirt::core::dimension2d< T >inline
dimension2d(const T &width, const T &height)nirt::core::dimension2d< T >inline
dimension2d(const vector2d< T > &other) (defined in nirt::core::dimension2d< T >)nirt::core::dimension2d< T >
dimension2d(const dimension2d< U > &other)nirt::core::dimension2d< T >inlineexplicit
getArea() constnirt::core::dimension2d< T >inline
getInterpolated(const dimension2d< T > &other, f32 d) constnirt::core::dimension2d< T >inline
getOptimalSize(bool requirePowerOfTwo=true, bool requireSquare=false, bool larger=true, u32 maxValue=0) constnirt::core::dimension2d< T >inline
Heightnirt::core::dimension2d< T >
operator!=(const dimension2d< T > &other) constnirt::core::dimension2d< T >inline
operator!=(const vector2d< T > &other) const (defined in nirt::core::dimension2d< T >)nirt::core::dimension2d< T >inline
operator*(const T &scale) constnirt::core::dimension2d< T >inline
operator*=(const T &scale)nirt::core::dimension2d< T >inline
operator+(const dimension2d< T > &other) constnirt::core::dimension2d< T >inline
operator+=(const dimension2d< T > &other)nirt::core::dimension2d< T >inline
operator-(const dimension2d< T > &other) constnirt::core::dimension2d< T >inline
operator-=(const dimension2d< T > &other)nirt::core::dimension2d< T >inline
operator/(const T &scale) constnirt::core::dimension2d< T >inline
operator/=(const T &scale)nirt::core::dimension2d< T >inline
operator=(const dimension2d< U > &other) (defined in nirt::core::dimension2d< T >)nirt::core::dimension2d< T >inline
operator==(const dimension2d< T > &other) constnirt::core::dimension2d< T >inline
operator==(const vector2d< T > &other) const (defined in nirt::core::dimension2d< T >)nirt::core::dimension2d< T >
set(const T &width, const T &height)nirt::core::dimension2d< T >inline
Widthnirt::core::dimension2d< T >