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[NetBSD] Change Default Shell to OKSH on NetBSD

Install OKSH on NetBSD

$ doas pkgin -y install oksh
$ cd /bin
$ doas ln -s /usr/pkg/bin/oksh      # Use /bin/oksh

Change Default Shell to OKSH for root and common user

$ su -
# chsh -s oksh
# exit
$ chsh -s oksh

Customize OKSH Profile

Create /etc/okshenv, /etc/okshrc, ~/.okshenv, ~/.okshrc


$ doas cp /etc/shrc /etc/okshenv


$ doas touch /etc/okshrc


$ cd ~
$ cp .shrc .okshenv
$ vim .okshenv
$ su -
# cp .shrc .okshenv
# vim .okshenv
Edit ~/.okshenv for both root and common users:

Replace . /etc/shrc with . /etc/okshenv in ~/.okshenv.


$ cd ~
$ touch .okshrc
$ su -
# touch .okshrc
Edit ~/.okshrc for both root and common users:
echo ". /etc/okshrc" >> ~/.okshrc

Source Your Customized Profile

$ vim ~/.profile
$ doas vim ~/.profile
Edit ~/.profile for both root and common users:

Replace export ENV=$HOME/.shrc with export ENV=$HOME/.okshenv in ~/.profile.

Add . $HOME/.okshrc at the end of ~/.profile.

Now let's do something!

Change the Default Shell Prompt (PS1)

Step 1: Comment PS1 in /etc/okshenv:


Step 2: Add PS1 to /etc/okshrc:

(A PS1 Example)

export PS1='\! - \# \l \t [\w] \s-\v \$ '

(Add an export setting to PS1 solved some weird problems.)

The result would look like this:


3 - 3 ttyE2 22:14:07 [/usr/pkg/lib] -oksh-v5.2.14 #

(Common User)

6 - 6 ttyE1 22:18:32 [~/sources] -oksh-v5.2.14 $

(What is the meaning of the PS1 characters? Please read man oksh.)

WARNING: You are not encouraged to add things to /etc/okshenv and ~/.okshenv because it's not safe, instead you can add things to /etc/okshrc and ~/.okshrc, however it's OK to remove things from /etc/okshenv and ~/.okshenv if you understand it.

Set Color for ls

Step 1: Install colorls:

$ doas pkgin -y install colorls

Step 2: Add alias ls to /etc/okshrc:

alias ls='colorls -FG'

How to set color for every item? Read man colorls.

Bind CTRL-L to "clear-screen"

$ doas echo "bind \"^L=clear-screen\"" >> /etc/okshrc

Oksh is known to run on OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD, Dragonfly BSD, Haiku OS and SerenityOS.





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