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[FreeBSD] vkQuake


FreeBSD vkQuake
FreeBSD vkQuake

vkQuake is a Quake 1 port using Vulkan instead of OpenGL for rendering. It is based on the popular QuakeSpasm port and runs all mods compatible with it like Arcane Dimensions or In The Shadows.

Compared to QuakeSpasm vkQuake also features a software Quake like underwater effect, has better color precision, generates mipmap for water surfaces at runtime and has native support for anti-aliasing and AF.

1. Install hardware video driver (Not soft driver)

Install video driver on your FreeBSD operating system:

NVIDIA Video Card

pkg install nvidia-driver
sysrc kld_list+="nvidia"
kldload nvidia

Intel Video Card

pkg install drm-kmod
pkg install xf86-video-intel
sysrc kld_list+="i915kms"
kldload i915kms

AMD Video Card

pkg install drm-kmod
pkg install xf86-video-amdgpu
sysrc kld_list+="amdgpu"
kldload amdgpu

Enable the hard video driver

Set xorg config for nvidia (Section "Device"):

    Driver      "nvidia"

Set xorg config for intel (Section "Device"):

    Driver      "intel"

Set xorg config for amd (Section "Device"):

    Driver      "amdgpu"

At last, restart your computer and start desktop!

2. Enable DRI 3

Set xorg config option under the Section "Device":

    Option  "DRI"   "3"

3. Check Vulkan Devices

Install vulkan-loader and vulkan-tools:

pkg install vulkan-loader vulkan-tools

Query the vulkan device info, the physicalDevices must be greater than 0:

$ vulkaninfo | grep -i devices
        physicalDevices: count = 1
            Can present images from the following devices: count = 1

4. Install vkquake

pkg install vkquake

vkQuake Home:






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