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[cpp] Using c++20 on FreeBSD


c++20 language features are supported by clang compiler itself, how to enable it:

clang++ -std=c++20 prog.cpp -o prog

The c++20 library features are not provided by default installation. This is how to make c++20 library features work:

Install FreeBSD release src (current src also good):

gitup release

Copy libc++ headers from src:

cd /usr/include/c++
mv v1 v1.old
cp -r /usr/src/contrib/llvm-project/libcxx/include ./v1

c++20 is completely enabled now.

WARNING: When you upgrade your FreeBSD operating system next time, you should remove your user custom copy:

cd /usr/include/c++
mv v1 v1.old2
freebsd-update upgrade -r XX.Y-release

Another way is to download clang+llvm from llvm project home (at least llvm 12.0):


Install gcc11-devel

pkg install gcc11-devel

Using c++20 with gcc11-devel

g++11 -std=c++20 prog.cpp -o prog





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