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[Jamfile] Using B2 Jamfile to Generate Documents

[Jamfile] Using Bjam/B2 Jamfile to Generate Documents

Using Asciidoctor

Install boost_build, asciidoctor

doas pkg update -f
doas pkg install -U boost_build rubygem-asciidoctor

Write adoc. adoc example:


= Document Title

== Head Title

Some description.

== Head Title

Some description.

Link to <<other.adoc#,Other File>>


This is another adoc.

Write the Jamfile:


using clang ;

using asciidoctor ;

html hello : hello.adoc ;
html other : other.adoc ;

Type 'b2' to build the docs now!

Using boostbook and quickbook (standalone)

boost_build should be installed.

Build and install quickbook:

tar -jxvf boost_1_76_0.tar.bz2
cd ./boost_1_76_0/tools/quickbook/build
b2 toolset=clang variant=release
doas cp ../../../dist/bin/quickbook /usr/local/bin/

Install boostbook (Copy Share File Only)

doas cp -rf boost_1_76_0/tools/boostbook /usr/local/share/

Write qbk file



    Copy Owner

    Copy Info Text
[article Document Title
    [quickbook 1.7]

Some text here.

#include <utxcpp.hpp>

int main() {
    print("Hello Utxcpp!");

[section:home Home]

[section:page1 Page1]

Write Jamfile


using clang ;
using quickbook : /usr/local/bin/quickbook ;
using boostbook ;

xml doc1 : hello.qbk ;

boostbook result : doc1

install css : src/dir/style.css : <location>html/dst/dir ;
project ThisProject ;

Type 'b2' command to build the document now!





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