HowTo: Use QuickBook on FreeBSD rev0.1.2

Build QuickBook

Cd to quickbook in boost source and build:

$ cd /build/boost-1.78/boost_1_78_0/tools/quickbook/
$ cd build/
$ b2 variant=release

Install QuickBook

Copy Only:

$ doas cp ../../../dist/bin/quickbook /sandbox/bin/
$ /sandbox/bin/quickbook --version
Quickbook Version 1.7.2 (Boost 1.78)

Install BoostBook

Copy Only.

Copy boostbook dtd in boost sources to share:

$ cd /build/boost-1.78/boost_1_78_0/tools/
$ doas cp -rf boostbook /sandbox/share/

Prepare Media Files

$ doas cp -rf /build/boost-1.78/boost_1_78_0/doc/src /sandbox/share/qbk-media

Configure quickbook

1. using quickbook

Put this line in /etc/site-config.jam or your project's Jamfile:

using quickbook : /sandbox/bin/quickbook ;

2. using boostbook

Put these lines in /etc/site-config.jam or your project's Jamfile:

docbook xsl dir must contain common/common.xsl
docbook dtd dir must contain docbookx.dtd
using boostbook
	: /usr/local/share/xsl/docbook # docbook xsl dir
	: /usr/local/share/xml/docbook/4.2 # docbook dtd dir
	: /sandbox/share/boostbook # boostbook dir

Use QuickBook to Generate HTML Docs

1. Create Project

$ mkdir frog
$ cd frog
$ touch Jamfile

2. Write QuickBook .qbk file

File Name: hello.qbk

	This is a comment
[article Frog Document
	[quickbook 1.7]

You are watching the frogs' document.

3. Write Jamfile

File Name: Jamfile

xml FrogQBK : hello.qbk ;
boostbook FrogDoc : FrogQBK ;

4. Copy qbk-media Files

$ mkdir html
$ cp -rf /sandbox/share/qbk-media/* ./html/

5. Build Docs

$ b2 -q


Last revised: January 01, 2022 at 03:54:59 GMT